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Power Quality

Power problems are disruptive and can be found everywhere.

The most obvious of all power problems is an outage, or a blackout as it is sometimes referred. This type of situation can wreak havoc on business operations, equipment and data. Many companies implement the most basic type of uninterruptible power system (UPS) to protect against this situation. Some forego the UPS altogether and go right for the long term protection device...a generator. What companies don't often think about are the host of other power problems that exist. If not properly identified and addressed, these problems can cause severe damage. Are you at risk?

Of the nine most common power problems, which do you think occurs most often?

  • Power Failure (Outage)
  • Power Sag
  • Power Surge
  • Brownout
  • Line noise
  • Overvoltage
  • Frequency Variation
  • Switching Transients
  • Harmonic Distortion

If you answered "brownout" you are correct. That means you should think again if you find yourself saying you are safe because your power never goes out, or that you have a generator so you're covered. A single power outage is not your worst enemy. More damage can occur from the other power problems. Make sure you are protected!

Power Solutions

Achieving peace of mind.

Each power quality application is as unique as the solutions available. How do you find what's right for you? How do you achieve peace of mind?

SEPS prides itself in its process to help you. After the experts at SEPS assess your situation, they will guide you through your options. Making a proper recommendation and keeping your interests forefront is a priotity.

For over 35 years, companies have turned to SEPS for power solutions.  Let SEPS help improve your operation and give you peace of mind.

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